Play Rivalry On Selena Gomez



use mouse to play, everytime you click and hold the left click, you will be kissing her
Rivalry On Selena Gomez Game Description
Kissing one of the amazing arts that are not only filled with love but with care and passion as well. For kissing your partner, you do not need lust, but you need the true feelings that can help you in enjoying this perfect moment with your spouse. However, sometimes you are unable to do this in the real world as you feel awkward and shy in front of the public.
Well, we have some of the online kissing games for you that will help you I getting rid of this awkwardness and will allow you to kiss your partner once you have known how to work out in the different situations. One such game, Rivalry in Selena Gomez, in which you will have make the person kiss Selena while she was sleeping and make sure that she does not wake up. If she wakes up, your game is over.
Isn't it interesting and also little tricky to do? All you need is to make the guy kiss her but make sure she does not wake up. These games need serious skills and passion so that you do not get bored. With every time the love meter is full, you will reach to the next level, and something new and exciting will come in front of you.
This game is free to play online, and you do not need to download anything to play this game. With passion, patience and high-speed internet, you can play and enjoy this game to its fullest.