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Sinking Kiss Game Description
Sinking kiss sounds interesting, or wait, are we talking about the kiss under water? In real world scenario, kissing under water is not only romantic, but it can be troublesome as well. If you are at your house under water in the swimming pool, then all you need is some security measures so that you do not get hurt while kissing. However, in the case you are outside then kissing under water will be quite problematic.
Through our game, Sinking Kiss, we are trying to tell you what can be the different things that can ruin your perfect kiss. In the game you will have to kiss your partner without letting him get hurt, without letting anyone notice and until the love meter becomes full. If you can make the kiss longer and perfect without making him suffer, then you will cross the level one, and we will come in front of some other situations that may occur during the underwater kiss.
This game is completely free to play, and all you need Is the high-speed internet so that you can play this game. You do not need to download large setups and key gens so that you can enjoy. However, with the help of this online game, you can not only learn, but you can also enjoy the game. With some passion, skills, and patience you can enjoy the game and reach to the maximum levels possible. If you want to see how underwater kissing works, come and enjoy this game.